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Birds, birds, birds on Tell a Tale Thursday

How spiritual are you? I don't mean religious, although that is part of the world I know. I mean communication with the other side...yup dead people.

I have the itch to tell you about my relationship with birds. What does this have to do with children's literature, you might ask? What does it have to do with those who have passed?

Nature is my inspiration not just in my writing. I feel that I have a connection with it...always.

I am an extremely spiritual person. I have 2 bird feeders, one that attracts general finches, and nuthatches, and the other attracts woodpeckers.

I associate these birds with those who have passed. Two important examples...

I have a pair of Cardinals. For a while, only the male appeared at the bird feeder. This is unusual in itself because cardinals are generally ground feeders. When the female joined the male, I was elated. In my heart, I knew this was not just a coincidence.

I associate this pair with my mom. To tell you the truth, I cannot remember clearly, but I think a psychic medium once told me that these beautiful birds are an indication that my mom is visiting.

Mom died 44 years ago, but I feel like she is always with me. I bet some of you have had experiences like this. Comfort always comes from my pair of cardinals at my feeder.

This has become a daily experience, perhaps because emotionally, I am somewhat vulnerable these days..for no specific reasons.

Woodpeckers are also in my soul. There is an unusual story related to woodpeckers. I have a cousin who passed from cancer. This cousin and I had a close relationship. He "got" me like nobody else did. You know what I a soul mate.

At his funeral, at the cemetery, I suddenly became aware of woodpeckers pecking away. To me, it was so loud.

The week after the funeral, I was in my kitchen gazing out to the deck thinking of Steve and crying. Of course, I had a birdfeeder. At this feeder, there was a hairy woodpecker feeding. It was a one-time viewing. I never saw this bird again at that house.

At my current home, woodpeckers of all kinds hang out at my feeders. They do not discriminate about which feeder they visit. I am certain that Steve, my soul mate, is visiting me every day.

Dear fans, I have no idea why I had the urge to tell you these stories, but I guess I want you to know me better...the person who creates characters and plots. Thanks for listening.

Tell me an unusual tale. The purpose of this blog is to get to know my fans better. I want to connect with you.

Leave a comment or a story. Let's dish.

Love to you from my characters: Kenzie, Max, Rosie, Quillow, and Fred.

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Jul 02, 2023

It's so beautiful that you bring this up. My mother in law passed away four years ago and always enjoyed watching the birds. To this day when we see a cardinal we always say (with my kids) "Mimi is visiting!" It's a comforting thought knowing that she's always watching over us! ❤️


Jun 29, 2023

I know, my spouse loved butterflies, so whenever I see a butterfly, I think it is her keeping an eye on me.

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