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Sandi Hoffman, Children's book author, author, children's stories, New Hampshire Author, Quill for Kids


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Born in Lawrence, MA of strict Sicilian parents, Sandi Hoffman spent her childhood reading books. A lifetime New England resident, she taught middle grade students and created online courses for Fortune 500 companies.

Since her retirement from corporate America, she has been working in the field of gymnastics as a women’s gymnastics judge. In addition, she began dabbling in authoring books for children. 

“Kenzie & the Pest” was her first book about a dog who lost his best friend. She is about to release her second book. Her passion for animals drives much of her work. 

Currently, she resides in Londonderry, NH with her partner Ken, his exuberant puppy, and her beloved golden retriever. 


Years with my wonderful best friend, Freddy!


Years as a published children's book author

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