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Welcome to the world of children's literature! My name is Sandi Hoffman and I am an author of children's books. My stories are filled with colorful characters, imaginative worlds and exciting adventures that are sure to capture the hearts and minds of young readers. My books are perfect for children aged 4-8 and are designed to help develop reading skills, while encouraging creativity and imagination. Please browse my website to learn more about my books, upcoming releases, and how to purchase my beloved children's books. Thank you for visiting and I look forward to sharing my stories with you!

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New Releases!

The Kenzie Series


V. Bailey

I read this book to my twin 4-year-old grandsons and they loved it. One test of a book with them is if they want me to read it again immediately after the first time. They wanted to hear this book three times in a row.

Kenzie & the Pest is a story of a dog who moves to a new neighborhood and has to cope with a lot of change in his life. At heart, this is a tale that teaches that change can be good and to give new things a chance before you reject them outright. I especially like the fact that the "annoying" brother turns into Kenzie's best friend. This can be a valuable lesson for any pair of siblings.

The watercolor illustrations are adorable and the length is just right for a bedtime story. I'd recommend this book for any kid from 3-8.

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